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In each edition of IMAGINE, teams will work on 4 projects that propose disruptive solutions to different problems in the world..

Projects are chosen by a committee of experts who evaluates the proposals submitted by applications. 12 talented people will work on these projects. The results will be presented in a public event.


Share garden


SharedGarden is an app for a group of persons to manage a community garden. Furthermore, the main idea is to connect people who share this hobby, so they can share their knowledge and experiences.
SharedGarden it’s an app for a group of people to manage a community garden. One of the biggest problems that occurs in this kind of garden it’s that the members sometimes can’t meet at the same time or even they don’t know each other personally.
The app target it’s people who share this hobby or want to start into this world. The main benefit it’s that they can share knowledge and experiences with other people, so they can send message between the users and create tutorials to share with the whole community. In the app it’s possible to locate near gardens by geo position.This way an user who are looking to collaborate in a community garden can find a close one and ask for admission. Each garden has a wall where the members that collaborate can comment and add photos. The members can manage their crops and tasks, there are predefined tasks and they can visualize the other people tasks, so they can coordinate easily. In the future the app can also integrate sensors, in order to get the garden smart, this way some tasks can be auto generated and the members can see the state in real time.
Over the last years, this kind of gardens are increased. Only, in Spain, between 2006 and 2014 the number of community gardens has increased from 2.492 to 15.243. So this indicates a potential market to explode, in this case with the app by specific publicity or integrated purchases.

  • Chelo Montilla Requena

    Chelo Montilla Requena


  • Jordi Garcia Padrao

    Jordi Garcia Padrao

  • Juan Manuel Fernández

    Juan Manuel Fernández