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Meet the Innovation Week Dreamers 2019. The 15 dreamers will work on 5 disruptive projects in groups of 3. Which group will be the winner? Best of luck to all of you!

  • Andrey Bitykov

    • Occupation: Astralpool (Project and service department)
    • Video:
    • City: Moscow, Russia
    • Challenge: VR/AR/XR
    • Idea: Use VR glasses and we have realized a solution how to do it - we should built 3D model - export in 3D max - impose textures - create pictures from several points - download in phone - open on phone special program - put phone in VR glasses. And customer will turn his head and see places around him with equipment, pipes and pool in general. We have already realised it and ready to share our knowledge with you.
  • Briana Nunez

    • Occupation: Social Media Specialist
    • Video:
    • City: Carlsbad, CA (USA)
    • Challenge: Robotics
    • Idea: Pool Partner, an interactive robotic backyard and pool assistant. Building on the existing robotic technology in many of our existing products, the idea is to add higher tech features such as voice enabled control, data collection and to expand the areas of cleaning support it can provide. It would be a water/land hybrid, able to scale pool walls and exit the pool. A separate blade system would engage to trim the grass. It would also send alerts directly to a home owner's smart phone with information such as, water PH, excessive debris, and more.
  • Chris Brake

    • Occupation: Sr. Quality Engineer III
    • Video:
    • City: San Diego, CA (USA)
    • Challenge: Green Growth
    • Idea: The future of Pool Robotic Cleaners. Cordless power. Automatic docking station (i.e. iRobot) (could charge inside pool or climbs out into station). Front camera to provide entertainment on your phone to the connected generation. Camera could also use A.I. to detect debris. Phone notifications (full bag, hours run, spaghetti map of actual activity, self diagnostics, etc.).
  • Claudia Rodríguez

    • Occupation: Intranet Communication Manger
    • Video:
    • City: Sabadell, Spain
    • Challenge: Green Growth
    • Idea: Solar Coat is a re-design of the current PVC pool cover rollers, where we modify the extruded PVC stripes shapes to incorporate thin solar panels on each section. Creating an extendable solar blanket over your pool. On winter, pool covers are fully extended for security reasons but why not use that entire surface to generate power.
  • Xavier Bohigas

    • Occupation: Lean Manager
    • City: Girona, Spain
    • Challenge: Fitness
    • Idea: Split each of the swimming pool lanes into n-swimming treadmill to allow many swimmers to swim in their own without interfering to others.
  • Eva Alegre

    • Occupation: BIM engineer
    • Video:
    • City: Sabadell, Spain
    • Challenge: Big Data
    • Idea: Technical solution in the swimming pools that will allow users track and share their training performance while optimizing the usage of pool lanes. Technical requirements: 1. Facial camera recognition 2. Facial camera recognition in each pool line to track the performance data 3. Software to propose the best pool lane to be used by the swimmer based on free capacity of the lanes and to be in lanes with other swimmers that have similar speed.
  • Graham Orme

    • Occupation: Product Manager - Lighting & Water Features
    • Video:
    • City: Carlsbad, CA (USA)
    • Challenge: Gamification
    • Idea: Turn the pool into an interactive experience through a connected system of lights, water jets, air bubbles and touch pads. Numerous games could then be developed and programmed into the system that are appropriate for various age groups and skill levels. Paired with gamification serious fitness and recovery gains could be achieved by both beginner and professional athletes in a low stress environment.
  • Joan Ahufinger

    • Occupation: Lean Manager
    • Video:
    • City: La Garriga (Spain)
    • Challenge: Robotics and IOT
    • Idea: Pool water analyser Robot (similar to robot vacuum cleaners) that analyses the pool water several times a day. Depending on the results it is capable of dropping automatically the required chemicals to the pool. A mobile applicaton gives the real time status of the pool and shows the actions performed in it. This robot could also be managed by voice, with some preconfigured actions.
  • Laura Saiz

    • Occupation: INQUIDE
    • Video:
    • City: Barcelona, Spain
    • Challenge: Green Growth
    • Idea: Take advantage of the filters and pumps to make murals/walls for the care of the swimming pool environment. With several systems: Hydroponics, drip irrigation, led lights,.. The customization can be from decorative plants, springs that fall or not in the pool, water wall fountains, organic gardens, flowers, lights for shows.
  • Lee Moore

    • Occupation: Key Account Manager - Franchise & Mass Merchants
    • Video:
    • City: Brisbane, Australia
    • Challenge: Big Data
    • Idea: Given we already use basic algorithmic calculations in the Viron eQuilibrium chlorinator for pH control, and use Sigfox in BlueConnec to transfer data from the pool to a cloud based environment, it seems logical that the combination of these technologies, augmented with real time weather data, could well create a much 'Smarter Device'
  • Liam Jones

    • Occupation: Telesales agent
    • Video:
    • City: Germiston, South Africa
    • Challenge: IOT
    • Idea: "All in one Drone & App"... The drone will be pre-programmed to use a certain path to the pool to test the water chemistry, temperature and other parameters. Through a wifi connection it will then transfer the data to an online app which will tell you to how much of what you need to add to your pool to optimise it for comfort. The app will also boast a lot of tips, tricks and general advice for pool maintenance ans leisure.
  • Oriol Falques

    • Occupation: ESA Engineering VI leader
    • Video:
    • City: Polinya, Catalonia (Spain)
    • Challenge: AI
    • Idea: System of artificial vision which will track all the swimmers, and depending on their movement patterns, ability to move and swim and, probably personal background, could alert the pool staff that someone is in risk of drowning. I'd like to provide a reduction in cost for the pool manager, providing the possibility to reduce the cost involved in continuous pool watching, as well as allowing a longer use of the pool. I'd also like to propose a system to the current pool watchers which supports them in defining the risk and the vase where it occurs, without the workload of continuously looking at that vase.
  • Oscar Domenech

    • Occupation: Sales Executive
    • Video:
    • City: Valencia, Spain
    • Challenge: IOT
    • Idea: Connect our customer to our partners: the customer designs a dreamed swimming pool, and receives the information about 5 Fluidra Partners in the area. The client will choose 3 of them so that these companies will receive all the information to prepare the final and detailed budget for the swimming pool and accessories.
  • Paula Sotomayor

    • Occupation: Commercial Department
    • Video:
    • City: Bilbao, Spain
    • Challenge: Robotics
    • Idea: Have robots, with our blue connect inside it, so, we clean the swimming pool and have the measure of our water, asking to our virtual assistant to tell us how are the parametres. We can have less app on our phones, having less thing to control, and having the same problems solve.
  • Rick de Laat

    • Occupation: Online Marketing & Communication
    • Video:
    • City: Best, Netherlands
    • Challenge: IOT
    • Idea: Gamify pool management/development on direct influencers of pool owners. Let's develop a virtual pool manager that can be used i.e. in school classes to learn children how to manage a pool with new technologies (enviromental friendly, cost effective). Let pool owners in the area of the school participate by letting the kids measure their pool water from time to time for input in the game and share the results.


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