Imagine Creativity Center



The participants (dreamers) of every edition are 12 talented people of different ages and backgrounds.
For this edition of Imagine, dreamers have been choosen from the best universities and companies of Spain.

These are the dreamers, that in groups of 3, will work on 4 disruptive projects.


  • Isidro Quintana PCTT

    • Promoter: PCTT
    • Occupation: Founder, CEO and Creative Director at Promineo Studios.
    • Link:
    • As a child, I wanted to be a... a Hero!
    • A dream to become an entrepreneur who have a big impact in the world, like Elon Musk or Steve Jobs.
    • I'm happy when I share love with friends and colleagues, I love to add value to others life's.
    • Guilty pleasure chocolate!
  • Marta Law Imagine Foundation

    • Promoter: Imagine Foundation
    • Occupation: Product and Lighting design Student.
    • Link:
    • As a child, I wanted to be a... Wanted to be an Inventor.
    • A dream Make this world a better place.
    • I'm happy when When I’m satisfied with myself and when I can do something to help people.
    • Guilty pleasure Pinterest lover, I spend to much time pinning lovely things.
  • Viviane Beiró Aigües de Barcelona

    • Promoter: Aigües de Barcelona
  • Jose Maria Guiu Banco Sabadell

  • Mónica Lizariturry PwC

  • Carlos Moser Eada

    • Promoter: Eada
    • Occupation: Master of International Finance at Eada Business School.
    • Link:
    • As a child, I wanted to be a... Stunt Pilot
    • A dream to be a maker not a taker.
    • I'm happy when I help or do something for other people.
    • Guilty pleasure Lay down on the grass and watch the sky.
  • Eva Torrents Imagine Foundation

    • Promoter: Imagine Foundation
    • Occupation: CEO & Founder Dívik Communication & Marketing.
    • Link:
    • As a child, I wanted to be a... an astronaut.
    • A dream to live in some magic and peaceful place, just writing and cultivating some food to live.
    • I'm happy when I see the happiness in my son’s eyes and when I’m writing.
    • Guilty pleasure Feel the sun on my skin while I’m lying in the middle of the sea.Feeling the freedom.
  • Luis Manuel Perez Everis

    • Promoter: Audi
    • Occupation: Computer Science & Multimedia Engineer.
    • Link:
    • As a child, I wanted to be a... basquet ball player.
    • A dream to be happy every day.
    • I'm happy when when i do what i like.
    • Guilty pleasure to eat chocolate!
  • Franco Pérez Fundació Banco Sabadell

    • Promoter: Fundación Banco Sabadell.
    • Occupation: Aerospace researcher at the University of Vigo.
    • Link:
    • As a child, I wanted to be a... like my dad, do something related with tech.
    • A dream Create something for people, to make 'em think about how could they have lived without it before.
    • I'm happy when I'm surfing and with Lu and Sisu.
    • Guilty pleasure Waves and Tides rule my life during the weekend so going from spot to spot chasing the swell is how enjoy. I'm guilty cuz' my girlfriend and family hates it, I'm always in a rush.
  • Julien Palier Estrella Damm

    • Promoter: Estrella Damm
    • Occupation: Consultant / Entrepreneur
    • Link:
    • As a child, I wanted to be a... journalist (Like Tintin).
    • A dream Help people achieve their dreams.
    • I'm happy when My guests are enjoying the meal I’ve cooked for them.
    • Guilty pleasure smoked hazelnuts (you have to try them).
  • Pau Argelaguet Banco Sabadell

    • Promoter: Banco Sabadell
    • Occupation: CTO at WEJ / Computer Science Student.
    • Link:
    • As a child, I wanted to be a... TV/radio presenter or a politician.
    • A dream be free.
    • I'm happy when I’m having fun with my friends.
    • Guilty pleasure driving a fast car on secondary roads.
  • Guillermo de las Heras Everis

    • Promoter: Everis
    • Occupation: Technology Analyst at everis.
    • Link:
    • As a child, I wanted to be a... Power Ranger! But luckily a little bit later I changed my mind, and then I wanted to become the first man to walk on Mars.
    • A dream Help people to be the owners of their own life.
    • I'm happy when I go to bed with the feeling that the day was really worth it, knowing that what I’ve done would be what I would have done if it was my last day here.
    • Guilty pleasure Beer & caffeine. Sharing a beer or a coffee with an interesting conversation.